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ROI Consulting Incorporated is a boutique business services provider offering high-quality services at competitive pricing for emerging enterprises across the globe. We are a one-stop-shop that helps enterprises maximize profits, improve EBITDA and equity valuation. Our value offering is enabled through a planned methodology and approach best suited for emerging enterprises across various industry verticals, and from locations around the world. Our domain expertise and adherence to advanced process management framework help us meet the highest quality standards in deliverables.


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RCI is a leading consulting management firm that focuses on operations, technology,

and financial services consulting that provides a full range of professional capabilities

in the areas of strategy, business transformation,

customer experience, program management, and technology.

These capabilities assist in servicing financial institutions, retail, and manufacturing to deliver quality
solutions that are cost-effective and meet the client’s mission to enhance the quality and the bottom line of the organization.

Modern Work Space

Three levers can help enhance company’s operations and increase Net Income​​

  1. Process Improvements, 

  2. Technology Optimization and 

  3. Competent Talent @ right cost. 

A rigorous framework is used to ensure appropriate execution of these three operational levers.

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A technology execution platform

  • Improve cost on solutions software you use

  • Utilized end to end solutions 

Designed to fit your business needs

  • The software should compliment your business 

  • Let software adapt to your process

  • Integrated across processes

Budget Concious

  • Affordable customization

  • Modular ramp up

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  • Business Process  Outsourcing (BPO) arbitraged work performed at a global location

  • RCI has deep domain expertise in various SMB process areas. Because of scale, the client might not have this in-house (eg: Analysts, Bookkeeping…)

  • Cost for performing process is 3-5 times lower when compared to USA, UK labor costs

  • Quality of outsourced processes is typically higher because of higher SLA standards

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1. Big Data Advanced Analytics

  • Custom a-la-carte Big Data Advanced Analytics for understanding your business levers

2. PIMS Dashboards

  • Daily-Weekly-Monthly MIS reports delivered to your mail, computer or mobile device to help data driven management

3. Self Service Platforms

  • Self-Service platforms  supported by data cubes for internal company analysts to perform advanced analytics


Where the Passion Begins


Founder & Partner

Strategy, Transformation & Automation Innovation

Roi Hansraj

Roi is a Global transformation leader with proven success in Strategic Transformation, Operational innovation, and Customer Experience.

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